Tear Sheet: Gangman’s Gallows


A little pre-Christmas surprise came in the mail last week.

The latest offering from Steeger Books (previously Altus Press), Gangman’s Gallows, and the sixth title in the Carroll John Daley series to feature one of my photos on the cover.

Hard to believe my partnership with Steeger/Altus started five years ago now. Just goes to show just how long it takes the Steeger team to pull together one of these anthologies of CJD stories…and man, Daley wrote ALOT!

This one clocks in at 422 pages!

In working with the editor, Matt, a few months ago, he said he needed three more images. He also gave me a list of titles, and I could pick the image to go with the title.

I picked this one for Gangman’s Gallows because the use of the “Gallows” here reminds me of the film noir OUT OF THE PAST – which was based on a story called Build My Gallows High.

The pose of the protagonist in my photo is a bit of a nod to what I’ve seen in the movie poster, and how Mitchum was posed.

Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum


My light (a Neewer strobe high and camera right) is a different but the tight shot, the fedora, the unlit cigarette, are all little nods to the the promo still (no idea who shot that.)

When Matt gave me the choice, that’s why I went with this one.

So, yeah, up to six in the series. Gotta say, it’s still make me shake my head in wonder when I go by my bookcase and see them all lined up like that.

And that my name is on the Amazon page where you can get the books.


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