JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.02.21

Alrighty then…how of hands….we’re all still here, right?

We made it over the 2020 wall and landed in 2021 without too many bumps or bruises, aye?

OK, good. We made it, we’re here now. 

Time to get to work.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: The Hardy Boy’s The Crowning Terror (this one is from 1987, I read the originals back when I was young)

What I Watched This Week: Soul (Ok, I like the overall theme of this film but I also have to admit, I watched it twice at different times with my boys…and fell asleep for parts of it both times)

Monroe Gallery: The Best Photos of 2020 (what a list!)

Fast Company: From doomscrolling to data sharing, here are  30+ apps to delete from your phone

Also from FC: Alternatives to setting resolutions

Rolling Stone: Bill Withers: The Soul Man Who Walked Away

Noted: Shawn Walker, an 80 year old Harlem photographer, finally gets his due.

Joe McNally: Turning the dancefloor sideways

Financial Times: Lee Friedlander’s Glimpse of the Computer Revolution in the ’80s

Create Live Podcast: David duChemin on Starting Ugly (this is the YouTube version but you can find the CL Podcast on Spotify and other podcast platforms)

Watch: The Dogs of 2020 from WeRateDogs 

Digital Camera World: The Cameras That Have Been To Space

Speaking of space, I don’t get all jazzed about full moon photos, but I did get a shot of the last full moon of 2020 -the Cold Moon – on December 29.

Advice: Don’t forget to change the time/date stamp on your cameras, and if you have a website, update the copyright year to 2021

And back up your work!

“What the uses having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” ~ (W. Eugene Smith, December 30, 1918 – October 15, 1978)


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