These Dark Days

There was rioting and trespassing and theft and destruction on federal property yesterday in Washington, D.C.

Federal crimes.

People were hurt and killed.

On Federal property

Elected U.S. officials spurred on these actions through their voice and their rhetoric.

With one main voice being heard above all others.

An American despot.

Leading domestic terrorists.

Washington, D.C. police did nothing to stop the terrorist, except take selfies.

Journalists from the Washington Post were escorted from the area while trying to report on on the ongoing situation.

As other photojournalists risked their health, lives and equipment as bunch of yahoos ran rampant over federal property.

The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked. Remove Trump’s power and authority in the dwindling days he has left.

Then impeach him again. Don’t EVER let him dare run again.

America is fractured and dark.

News pundits, and others need to stop saying we are better than this.

No, we aren’t.

This is us.

Wide awake in America – this is us.

I’m sickened by everything that happened yesterday, that I have to explain to my children what’s going on, how this came about.

I’m ashamed and disgusted by what America has became.

But we’ve all seen it coming.

And many stayed silent, all through the last four years, all through the horrendous summer of tragedy.

Things won’t automatically get better here on January 20th.

This hellish landscape, scorched beyond recognition, is with us for the foreseeable future.

Maybe forevermore.

And I’m sickened.

My daughter, 13, is already talking about moving to Canada.

Leaving won’t solve it. I’ll stay and fight for America.

Don’t agree this post?

Support what happened even a little bit?

Stomach’s not torn up about it even a little bit?

Feel free to unfollow my blog, my social streams and my photography.

No hard feelings.

Just you and I ain’t alike and never will meet on common ground, even over photography.

We’re far apart.

Far, far apart.


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2021

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