JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.09.21

I mean, what else is there to say?

This past Wednesday was one of the darkest days of our nation that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

I take that back.

Having a misguided, lunatic fringe white mob attempt to take over our nation’s Capitol building isn’t dark.

It’s sad and depressing.

Having some much injustice and infighting within the United States in the year of our Lord 2021 is what’s dark.

I keep reading where politicians and people say “We’re better than this.”

No, we’re not.

THIS is exactly who America is now.

And there’s no changing it.

People, this week, have called me a pessimist about everything going on.

Guilty. I’m almost 51, having been watching this country be dismantled by zealots and yahoos and internet trolls for a long time now.

We’re *this close* to being the banana republic that gets condemned.

A frickin’ coup was attempted on Federal grounds and Capitol police did NOTHING to stop it.

THIS is who America is now.

My daughter, 13, is already saying she wants to move to Canada when she can.

But, as I’ve told her, the point isn’t to run. The point is to stay and try to make a difference.

Even if it’s just one person. Try to make the difference.

There’s an old saying: If one man calls you an ass, pay him no mind.

If 10 men call you an ass, get a saddle.

We, as America, are asses.

Saddle up.


This Week’s Links:

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A Photo Editor: The Daily Edit: Athul Prasad

Opening: At the Pace Gallery in NYC, Irving Penn and Photographism

The Guardian: The Black Photographers Who Changed The Game

Fitness: A hip-and-glute routine (since we all sit so much and are tight)

“The tremendous development of the camera in recent years has been remarkable. Now almost anyone can take pictures, and most of them are doing it. But it is rather like giving a 6-year-old a pistol.” ~ Arnold Genthe ((January 8, 1869 – August 9, 1942) in 1937.

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