JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.06.21


Ok! Here we are. We made it through January and all that entailed.

Got through New Year’s day, urban terrorists storming the Capitol, the new administration being inaugurated, the Bernie Sander meme, and our first snowstorm of 2021, at least here in NJ.

Oh, and a new vaccine is on the horizon, which is what kept me super busy this week and not shooting to much, nor getting out for my daily rambles. (My favorite trails being snowed in didn’t help, either.)

I also had Zoom calls after the normal work hours (my neighborhood is fighting a warehouse project and our Redbirds recreation baseball league had a board meeting. Yeah, another little thing to keep me busy – on the Board and coaching again as well.)

But we’re here now. Keep the chains moving and the wheels spinning.

And back up all the January work!


This Week’s Links


What I Read This Week: Finally finished The Five Red Herrings. To be honest, I quite lost interest in it, so flipped to last chapter and finished if that way. It counts, folks. I read more than half of it, but life’s to short to be mired in a book you’re not interested in. Still working on The Bloody Spur (ironically, the film noir version, While The City Sleeps, was on this week, and I watched it.) I also started The Shadow Of The Bull

What I Watched This Week: See above.

What I Made This Week: Coconut Curry  Chicken. Superb.

Listen: The Photo Banter interview with William Albert Allard

Look: Three films I admire for their use of color

Blind Magazine: Inside the LAPD in the 1990s

NY Times: Documentary photography on the rise.

No Film School: Roger Deakins and his philosophy on cinematography

Joe McNally: His Super Bowl memory

Philly Special: Still the best Super Bowl play of all time (my memory)

From the Archives: The Blue Jacket Fashion Show, to raise awareness about prostate cancer went virtual this week. I missed shooting it, like last year

RIP Ricky Powell, aka The Lazy Hustler, who documented the rise of hip-hop in the 1980s. (This one caught me. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a couple of years.)

“A photographer’s main instrument is his eyes. Strange as it may seem, many photographers choose to use the eyes of another photographer, past or present, instead of their own. Those photographers are blind.” ~ Manuel Álvarez Bravo

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.06.21

  1. January have been almost as strange and the year we just finished. February is starting off with snow and cold. Better days are ahead. We mush push through these challenges and get there.

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