It’s All Downhill


Hey Dad…this is like those bobsleds that we saw in the Olympics on TV…

The hill isn’t that big.

But when you’re 8-9-10-11 years old….well, it takes on the height of Everest.

And that blue plastic toboggan, bought for a few bucks at the local hardware store, is transformed as well.

It’s transformed into an supersonic, Olympic-level speed machine.

Settling on who sits in front, midde, back is a loudly-contested discussion that takes longer than the ride itself.

But it’s an important part of the whole episode these three.

Sitting in front gives you the best view…but also flying snow in the face

Sitting in the middle protects you.

Sitting in back, well, you’d better be prepared (and I know this from experience) for possible pain: You go over a decent bump, the ‘boggan goes up and that person in the rear position ultimately lands with his back crunched against the hard plastic edge of the missle.

Again, I know from experience. Ouch.

But, depending on if the snow is just right… all-time land speed records can and will be achieved.

Or so it will be perceived by the occupants of that slippery, sliding piece of plastic.

Watching from on top of the hill, I hope for an outcome of a long ride (but not so long it ends up in the only half-frozen pond at the very end of the runway, and peals of laughter.

Sometimes, I see the crash, the shouts about who caused it climb hand-over-hand up the hill to my ears.

But mostly I hear laughter.

And then then I watch the trek back up  for another run at the Gold.


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2021

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