A Developing Situation

I shot this photo one late summer evening less than a half mile from my home a couple of years ago.

Put “Westhaven Farm” in search on this blog, and you’ll see a plethora of photos of the farm that I consider a muse.

These images and view are now in danger of being eradicated. The danger is real…but my neighborhood of about 20 homes is going to war this evening.

War with a big developer that wants to buy this farmland and put a 500,00 square foot warehouse with 20 bays and nearly 200 parking spaces.

Building this monstrosity would irreparably destroy the little area of rural Monmouth County that we live in.

I’m always happy to hear when people “like” or express a positive comment on the photos I do of Allentown and Upper Freehold. I like to show the beauty of our community. This is a great area to live with wonderful wide-open spaces and farmland.

And, I’m proud to say, it happens a lot, especially when I make prints and calendars available around the holidays.

But our area, community, and, frankly, the well-being of our families is now under threat…under threat of pollution (air, noise, light), under threat of hundred of tractor trailers crushing our country roads and posing a hazard to the runners, motorcyclists and bicyclists who also share those country roads; under threat to dislodge the wildlife – the foxes, the turtles, the hawks, the eagles, the deer, in our area; under threat of an increased need for a full-time police and fire department….

It’s under threat because this industrial warehouse, three football fields long and 50 feet (!) high with a number of bays and almost 200 parking spaces high that is being proposed  threatens the small-town nature of our local community and destroy our rural character and scenic vistas.

And the reasons why most of us moved out here.

My family and my neighbor’s families directly affected by this new build are fighting it. Tonight, we have a critically important hearing with the local Zoning Board on at 7 pm. More than 150 from our town got on the FIRST call in January with the Zoning Board…who then pushed the meeting back to tonight.

Since then, our neighborhood has had time to mobilize and strategize. We’ve hired a great lawyer to represent us. We have a number of very knowledgeable and credible witnesses and experts to help us in this fight.

Yes, we want to want to stop this monstrosity from destroying the areas (and views) that myself and my immediate neighbors enjoy. But we also want to stop it for all people who live in Allentown and Upper Freehold.

We all moved to this little corner of New Jersey for a reason. Perhaps we can all work together to keep it the way that we love.

Or a views like the ones above below will surely cease to exist.

If you’d like to help, in just a small way, us fight this, click into the Zoom call with us for 30 minutes or so. You don’t have to speak, you don’t even have to watch – just open up the Zoom call, put it on mute, and go about your evening. We want to show critical mass of people, near and far, opposed to this type of destruction of farmland and communities. That would help us tremendously! Myself and my neighbors would greatly appreciate the support!


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5 thoughts on “A Developing Situation

  1. I wish you the best of luck with this. I live in Liverpool in the UK but have stayed in Monmouth County on my Springsteen jaunts and through that, and what he has written about in song, your area has come to mean a lot to me. I’ll be interested to see how you get on, they can’t allow this ‘development’ to happen.

    Best Wishes,

    Paul Ariss

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