JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.20.21

Stuck in mid-February.

Tired of pulling on boots and gloves to go out.

Daily uniform is a long-sleeve thermal underwear shirt, a long sleeve Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge t-shirt, a hoodie, thicker running pants, thick socks. 

This works for Zoom calls as well as daily rambles.

Put on, do the day, take off. Repeat.

Ready for Spring. But I took some snaps this week, and have a shoot today!

Back up your work.

This Week’s Links:


What I Read This Week: I finished The Beautiful Room is Empty (meh), started Leave The World Behind and still working on To Live and Die in LA

What I Watched This Week:  Joel Embiid has a 50 point game for the Philadelphia 76ers.

From The Archives: Around this time in 2014, I was in Cape Town, South Africa.

UN of Photography: Why Weegee Was Not a Westerner

CNN via NASA: Photos of Preserverance’s mission to Mars

Mobile Photography Awards: The 10th Annual winners

PetaPixel: Irving Penn’s Photographism

Japan Times: Learn about Eiko Yamazawa who helped break the glass ceiling for female photographers in Japan.

Watch: In honor of his birthday yesterday, here’s an interview from 1971 with Ansel Adams.

Listen: Alex Gagne (The Photo Banter) speaks with Gregory Crewdson (you can find this on Apple and Spotify as well)

“I am quite humble & happy to be one of those people who work because they love their work & take pride in doing it as best they can.” Esther Bubley (February 16, 1921 – March 16, 1998)

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.20.21

  1. A lot of us a burned out on winter, the pandemic and any other thing that is keeping us from doing the things we love. We’ll make the best of it whether it is sliding down a hill or trying not to slide into a ditch or worse. Before long, we’ll be seeing spring training starting and be out in shooting without having to have a heavy coat and gloves.

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