Gear: Strip Teasin’

A while ago – not sure when – Joe McNally recommended I get a strip softbox for my strobe.

Always one to listen to my mentor, I purchased the Neewer Strip Softbox  with Honeycomb grid last April.

And it sat in my closet. And sat. And sat.

But I finally got the chance to use it not once but twice this past weekend.

And I LOVE the light and the look it gives me.

Here it is step up for a portrait session at Ghost Harbor Creative in Asbury Park.

The “tease” part of this blog post is that I can’t show the photos yet, until both the clients I shot for gives the OK.

But needless to say, this $50 strip box, to go with my Neewer Vision 4 Strobe, will definitely be part of my lighting rotation from here on out.

More to come…when I can!


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3 thoughts on “Gear: Strip Teasin’

    • Erin, if you check out this post, you’ll see some of the photos where I used it. But the others will have to wait – it’s for a musician’s album and I need to wait until it gets released!

      • I took pictures for the children at the center I work at and used them. There is something about that lighting that just makes the pictures glow. Can’t wait for the reveal to see more of your works.

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