JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.27.21

After a really hectic last weekend, this was a low-shooting week for me.

But even though I wasn’t shooting much, I was still trying to get better at the craft.

The two podcasts linked below gave me some great insight.

The film I watched was OK from story perspective, but the use of color and cinematography was beautiful.

The Dan Milnor read gave me something to think about.

Even when not shooting that much, it’s good to keep your eyes and ears open.

Inspiration, advice, education is all around us.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: This wonderful article about a song-writing duo from Philadelphia.

What I Watched This Week: I’m Your Woman

What I Made This Week: Farro and Salmon

Magnum: Promises To Do Better.

PetaPixel: The magic of fireflies in Japan (this now a bucket list item for me.)

Forbes: The COVID Passport will change travel [ed: and travel photography] as we know it.

Dan Milnor: Good, Better, Best

Photo Banter Podcast: Interview with Mark Peterson and what it was like covering the January 6 insurrection by urban terrorists.

Behind The Shot Podcast (via YouTube): Portrait photography with Peter Hurley

Listen: John Bulmer (who’s celebrating a birthday today) on UN of Photography talking about what photography means to him.

RIP Lawrence Ferlinghetti

RIP: Raymond Cauchetier, documentary photographer

From the JSP Archive: February 20, 2009

“The way I work, two or three days a week is enough. When I photograph, I give it everything I’ve got. I get excited and wrought-up. And I get pooped. Like I say, a couple of days a week – good solid days I mean – is usually all that I’m good for.” ~ Lou Bernstein (February 28, 1911 – August 2, 2005)


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