TearSheet: Alexander Sousa’s Website

It’s always interesting to me how people find my images out on the World Wide Web, and how they want to potentially use them.

Such was the case back in early February when I got an email from writer Alexander Sousa.

His request was quite simple: I’m a writer, I’m getting ready to pitch my first novel manuscript to agents, and I’m redoing my website to get ready for that. I’m going with a pulpy, noir feel. I found your photo “The Pulp, The Fiction” and I love it.  I was wondering if I could license that photo and use it as my hero/header image on my landing page.

A simple, straightforward request.

The hardest part, though, was trying to remember what photo I called “The Pulp, The Fiction.”

I’ve shot a lot of noir images, and that title just wasn’t jumping out at me.

Bitter Little Words

Bitter Little Words, 2013

In a short span, though, I did locate the image (oh, right…or write…the one with the old typewriter!).A couple of more emails back-and-forth and I was able to send Alex the hi-res file.

The next morning, it was up on this website!

I’ve always like this image, one that I created with a rented Fuji X100S back in 2013. I actually like color version of this shot a lot, too, but the B&W rendered well.

If you notice, though, Alex flipped it for use with his banner. I’m guessing he needed tha that dark negative space over the typewriter over on the left side so that he could put his text there.

That’s all well and good…but it makes the text on the Lucky Strike pack backwards. I won’t lie – that bugs me a little bit. Not that he flipped it – he commissioned it, he can do what he wants –  but that it’s a little wonky upon close inspection.

But no matter. It’s cool to see it up and live on this website. Hopefully, it will do its job of greeting his website visitors and getting them ready for a two-fisted noir experience!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2021

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3 thoughts on “TearSheet: Alexander Sousa’s Website

  1. That image definitely needs to be seen by the world. You mentioned the printing on the cigarette package, I see the typewrite carriage return/paper advance being on the wrong end. I think most of the public will not look closely enough to notice either I’ve seen similar liberties in photos using guitars.

    It good to see your efforts are paying off.

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