Update: Going To The Mattresses

Just a quick update on what’s going on in my local community, especially if you’ve read this post and this post about the developing situation.

On Monday evening, my neighbors and local community finally got a chance to hear from the developer about the proposed warehouse that’s to sit on the land in the photo above.

It was a long meeting – started promptly at 7 pm and finished at 10 pm, and we still weren’t done.

I’m happy to stay we went to the mattresses and showed up strong – more than 350 of us dialed in the Zoom meeting. The local zoning board, and many of those in my community, asked good, hard questions of the developers, mainly around the traffic impact on our country roads but also light pollution and sewage treatment too.

This was the notice posted on FB prior to the meeting

In many cases, the developers team gave us the “We can find out that answer for our next meeting.”

To me, they should have come better prepared. And, by the sounds of it, if a vote had been taken on Monday evening, the developers would have lost.

But, as there are still outstanding questions that we need answers to, another meeting is on the books for April.

I fully expect us all to again come on strong and have a good showing. Maybe, by summer, we can move on from this particular case.

Sadly, many of our neighbors in other local rural communities are fighting the exact same issue. There’s an interesting article here about “warehouse sprawl” in our area.

So, we’ll keep up the fight, see if we can’t make a difference.


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