JSP Visual Week of Review ~ 03.27.21

Heading deeper into the second COVID spring.

More people vaccinated (not me, not yet), which is good.

Mass shootings, racism, still exist here in the US. Not good.

Things don’t change just because there’s a new president, or that the buds begin to open.

But hey, I got out on my bike for the first time in 2021, and I spent more time on the baseball field this week with my sons. Major League Baseball’s opening day is on April 1.

No foolin’.

Best we can do is hang in there.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished The Gift Horse (nice little novel) AND Thin Air by Robert B. Parker. Not often I finish two books in one week.

What I Watched This Week: Blood Simple, very cool neo-noir from the Cohen Brothers

The Guardian: Why did it take so long for Charlie Phillips to get his due?

FStoppers: Do you wait for the right light?

Go Big: How to make large prints

Joe McNally: On The World’s Tallest Building (no, literally, on it…)

Watch: Daniel Norton on Portraits and Fashion with Small Flash

Listen: Pete Souza on The Photo Banter Podcast

Learn About: Louise Rosskam 

Favorite Photo of The Week: Legs.

RIP: Warhol photographer David McCabe

“Find good people, great light and have fun.” ~ Bill Figge (March 25, 1919 – May 1976)

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