We Win!

Shot On Android, April 9, 2021, During My Morning Walk

A late Friday post from the Great State of New Jersey.

Earlier today, we received some good news (I guess.)

If you’ve been following along, my little corner of New Jersey has been in a bit of a fight.

In fact, our fight was recently highlighted in the local media. (I “know” Brian via social media. We follow each other on Twitter, I tipped him to this a few weeks ago. I actually spoke with him on background on Monday.)

Anyway, earlier today, we found out that the developer, NP Industries, withdrew their application for the zoning variance, thereby ending their pursuit of building a warehouse at the location.

So, we win! We brought the fight to the dog and came out victorious.

It’s all good.

Well, sort of.

In the midst of all the congratulatory FB posts, I did have to intone this:

It is really with mixed emotions. While I’m happy for us all, I am still thinking about our friends and neighbors up the road, and all they still need to deal with and work through. I hope a better outcome can happen that will good for all.

And it’s true. The West family are really nice people. They are involved in our community in a positive way.

So, while we, as a neighborhood community, are victorious…this family still has to figure out what to do with their farm.

Indeed, we still want what’s best for us…but also for what’s best for these beloved members of our community.

That is all still to be determined, and I do hope it works out well for them and their family.

Thanks for following along with me here…and thanks if you did indeed help us out by signing the petition we had (Paul, way over the pond, I’m pointing at you, sir!). Even if you didn’t, listening to me here, and sending good thoughts was appreciated. The karma helped for sure.

Unfortunately, as you can see in Brian’s piece, many NJ communities are facing this onslaught of developers looking to take away farmland and build behemoth warehouses.

Something is going to break. Something has to change.


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2 thoughts on “We Win!

  1. Hi Mark,

    That’s great news, I’m delighted you’ve (we’ve) won. Just shows what the power of community can do. I hope now the family on the farm can happily sort out their future plans.

    Well done!

    Paul (from way over the pond).

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