Yard Work

Mike Yastremski

Mike Yastrzemski waits in right field 

Last week, I played hooky from work for an an afternoon did some yard work.

Well, “the yard” was Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, where I took my boys to see the Giants play the Phillies.

Some could say going to a professional baseball game while a pandemic is still raging in this big blue marble of ours was selfish.

They could be right. Maybe I can’t argue that.

But, when I looked at the safety steps the Phillies were taking to get at least some fans back, and I weighed the safety factors, I felt it was an OK proposition.

So, on a glorious late Wednesday morning, me, Chase and Matt jumped in Beauford The 4Runner and headed down 295 to Philly.

I felt half naked, to be honest. The Phillies allowed medical bags, diaper bags and purses into the stadium.

I had nothing to cover any of those areas, so wasn’t sure I could take my Fuji XT3 with the 50-140 lens in. And I had splurged on really good seats, basically Bryce Harper’s office.

Bryce Harper’s commute to his office.

I didn’t want to sneak it in – that would be silly. And I didn’t want to have try to take a bag with it in, only to have it rejected and either a) I’d have to head back to the truck to put it away or put it into a special locker they have.

So, I opted to just not even try. Any photos I’d take would be with my Android phone.

Phillies infielder Brad Miller

So, that’s just what I did. I decided to just enjoy the day with my sons, and if I shot anything, eh, just use the camera phone. Everything here is with the phone.

SF Giants Pitcher Anthony DeSclafani at Citizens’ Bank Park

In some ways it was eat-your-heart-out-annoying. I really wanted my proper camera.

In other ways, it was fun and freeing. I enjoyed the time with my sons without fumbling around for the main rig, changing lenses, etc.

Yes, I shot some things that caught my eye, and processed with my Snapseed app. But, overall, I just enjoyed the game.

Well, I enjoyed the couple of innings of brilliant sunshine and Spring weather we had…until the storm clouds shifted in, the temperature dropped and we hit a 40 minute rain delay. While they did start play again, by that time, we could only stay another inning. Other commitments back home were calling.

And while the Phillies were losing when we left, they made a great comeback in post-storm, late-day sunshine that I wish we were there for.

Ah well, that’s baseball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

Me and my boys, well, we had a great time while it lasted.

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