Watered Down

Last week, it was HOT here. When my boys played for their championship game, it was 93 at 12 noon. Lots of Gatorade in the dugout.

The heat continued building through the week, and by Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, there was the threat of thunderstorms every day, late in the day.

One of those days, we were to go to to the Trenton Thunder game, our baseball league’s annual night out.

Chase, Matt and I started the 25 minute drive to Trenton around 6 pm. By the time we go there, it was a deluge. We sat in Beauford the 4Runner listening to the rain pelt down for about 20 minutes, and decided to call it. The game was in a rain delay before even getting started.

I texted a friend, who was already in Arm & Hammer Park, and said “Hey, if it stops and they’re going to play, let me know.”

So, we drove 25 minutes home, where, actually, it wasn’t raining much. I dozed on the couch and watched the early part of the Sixers game. The rain stopped

Around 8:30, my phone pinged.

“Game is starting at 9.”

So, me and the boys saddled back up and went to the park. Aside from wet seats (Dad remembered to pack some towels in a backpack – Mrs. Krajnak didn’t raise no fool!).

And, in true minor league baseball fashion, long around 11 pm, late in the game…the sprinklers turned on, when the inning was going on. Maybe it was someone mistake, maybe they forgot to turn the timer off?

Who knows. But I tried to capture a fun shot before the situation was rectified.

It reminded me of a wonderful photo essay about minor league baseball by the great William Albert Allard. I have it in a book I got for about $5 – a steal – on eBay.

Over the winter, I listened to Bill be interviewed on The Photo Banter podcast. Alex, the host, asked him about this essay. Bill said NatGeo gave him an option: Go do an essay in Russia, or travel with this minor league team for a few months.

Bill said (I’m paraphrasing): “Russia isn’t going anywhere. But I may never get the chance to document minor league baseball again.”

I like that thinking.

Of course, on the way out of the  Thunder game, I had to snap the obligatory pic at the Thunder Road sign.

Chase (left) and Matt.

Hey, we’re in Jersey! There’s always a Bruce reference.

Oh, and yeah, the boys did win their Championship on that hot Saturday! Chase was our starting pitcher four our two playoff games and the Championship game, striking out 22 and giving up just two runs, and hitting a home run, two doubles and four singles. Matt caught every inning of every game, threw out a few runners and had a few big hits for us. Big pieces to our championship season.

Proud Dad.

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One thought on “Watered Down

  1. This is a far from a recent previous season that ended much differently. I’m sure the boys will remember this playoff series forever.

    It’s good to see the kids and parents getting out together for games to be played and to watch games.

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