JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.10.21

Trying to get back on track of posting these on Saturdays.

Trying to get back on track for a few things in my so-called life.

Running – I’ve run 10 days in a row now!

Fitness. 100 pushups a day.

Core work. Always gotta work the core.

Taking my vitamins.

Cooking for 1.


Well, sleeping, unaided

Slowly getting unpacked in the new place.

Still a couple of boxes outstanding.

And a whole new box started, of books that I just don’t have room for.  Which is a little sad.

One thing I did do a lot more this week is listen to music. Rather than turning on the TV in the morning, I open up Spotify and listen to an album I had forgotten about. Or a podcast (see below).

Still a lot to do. Still a lot of summer left.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week:The Bloody Moonlight

What I Watched This Week: The Friends of Eddie Coyle

What I listened To This Week: The Plot Thickens Season 2: The Devil’s Candy

Watch: Challenges you’ll face in documentary photography with Ed Kashi (Jersey guy)

UN of Photography Essay: Speak Up, Speak Out if you want to be heard.

CBS News: Women Photographers in two new art exhibits

NY Times: Migrant Self Portraits

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Bill Frakes on IG

Close Cut: My buddy, Joe McNally, is headed to Tokyo to photography the Olympics. He posted on Twitter about his new haircut, the shortest in 20 years.

I had agree, though in early January 2020, it was even shorter. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.


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