Tear Sheet: Springsteen Exhibit on Backstreets.com


Anticipaaaaation…it’s making me wait.

Who remembers that ketchup commercial from the ’70s?

Kinda felt like that about this new tearsheet.

A few weeks ago, Chris, the editor over at Backstreets.com, pinged me, saying they were finally going to run a review of the Springsteen: His Hometown exhibit.

You remember that, right? That big project I worked on back in 2019…before the world flipped and spun?

Chris emailed and asked for some of the photos I shot for that project, that were used for media outlets, like the Wall Street Journal.

Backstreets was finally going to run a review of the exhibit, written by Caryn Rose.

Then…it sat in the hopper a couple of weeks. Remembering Clarence Clemmons…Springsteen back on Broadway…these were all pieces Backstreets had to run first.

One evening, I pinged Chris about the status of it. Turns out the exhibit is only running until July 31, so he felt now was the time to post the piece!

And he did .

Up now on Backstreets.com, a review of Springsteen: His Hometown, complete with my photos (which you’ve probably seen here first!)

Check it out anyway!

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