In The Field: Let’s Go Festival

Life is funny.

You can be sitting on your couch (literally) and get a text that throws you into a whole new sphere of people and experiences.

Such was me a couple of weeks ago, early July.

I was sitting on my couch, doing my day job work, when I got a text from a buddy of mine in Asbury Park.

He had a line on a job, but couldn’t do it. Did I want it? Here’s the name and contact of the promoter.

A few texts later, a couple of calls…and I was booked to shoot the Let’s Go Festival in Anne Arundel Fairgrounds just outside Annapolis, Maryland.

Ok, maybe there was a bit of negotiation involved, but…not much.

As my favorite movie character, Cliff Booth, says….And Away We Go.

Mid-afternoon on Friday, July 16, I packed up my gear, climbed into Beauford the 4Runner, and we pretty much skated down to Maryland.

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray

Checked into the hotel, texted the promoter, Chris, and we connected at the Annapolis Westin. The ask was a little different than other festival shoots: Chris is a promoter with Coastal Music Group. He wanted “front of house”, i.e. stage shots, yes, but he also wanted “back of house” shots – his lighting and production crew – that he could use for website and social media promotion.

All good.

So, while I was, of course, interested in shooting the headliners – superstars of the ’90s Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, and Gin Blossoms – I had to keep in mind to deliver what the client asked for. This wasn’t just a straight concert shoot.

But that’s Ok! Deliver what the client wants first…then shoot for yourself.

Robin Wilson of Gin Blossoms on stage with Smash Mouth.

Sean Hurowitz of Smash Mouth


Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray

Dean Butterworth, Sugar Ray drummer


Kristian Attard, Gin Blossoms

Scott Johnson, Gin Blossoms

Here’s a short video of photos from the short, hot, weekend in Maryland.

It was great to be out and about at a music festival again. The fans, well, they were ready for it.

It was a very cool – cool but hot – shoot down in Maryland. Two long days but that’s what made it memorable.

Met some new folks, made some new friends, shot some cool bands.

Let’s Go Festival!

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