JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.31.21

This was one of those low shoot weeks.

Last weekend, I was up in Northeast PA with the kids visiting my mom. Snapped a few pics up there.

Then…..nothing all week.

Till Friday when I headed down to Asbury Park where my creative eye was engaged.

But those days in between….nothing.

Work. Work. Work.

Nothing to really spark the creative fire.

However, I did take the time to watch some movies and make some headway through a couple of summer reads (I never did do my Summer Reads post…)

All that contributes, you know. Things we take in, ingests..visually, audioally…they inform the decisions we make behind the camera.

Maybe not directly, but sometime subliminally.

Make this non-shooting week will make an appearance later on down the road.

Keep after it.

And, back up your work!


What I Watched This Week: I somehow watched four Tom Hanks’ films this week: Bonfires of the Vanities, Apollo 13, Road To Perdition and Punchline. As much as I love RoadPunchline was pretty good. Give it a watch if you hasn’t seen it.

What I Read This Week: Eye of The Needle (paper) and Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost (Kindle)

Joe McNally: Tokyo Field Notes: Still Listening to Jimmy Colton (I have no idea how Joe is finding time to blog while covering the Olympics.)

Daniel Milnor: Watch – Notes on Photography

Martin ParrWatch: Thinking of England

Digital Photo Pro: 5 Signs You’re Over-editing Your Photos

Listen: Why The Great Gatsby Endures (one of my favorite novels)

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Scott Strazzante

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