In The Field: A Soft Summer Night In Asbury Park

One soft infested summer, me and Terry became friends….

Last Friday afternoon, I took a drive down to Asbury Park.

I found a parking spot on Grand Avenue, my usual – It’s a few blocks from the beach and boardwalk but it’s not metered so you don’t have to pay. I’m OK with walking a few blocks.

It had been a while since I was in Little Eden. I slung my Fuji X100T over my shoulder and just wanted to walk around, people watch. Take in the dusty beach town.

Except it’s not really dusty anymore. It’s vibrant. Cookman Ave is now closed off to traffic. This is a pandemic thing, started so that businesses and eateries on the avenue could bring their tables outside. But it’s nice like this, and does encourage social distancing.

This Friday evening, it turned into a photowalk of sorts. A GOYA-type walk. Remember those? The first Kelby Photowalk I ever did was in Asbury Park.

The town was different then. But about to rebirth.

Now…it’s the place to go on the weekend at the Jersey Shore. For food. For music. For summer vibes.

Wooden Walls Project in the old Carousel House

The crowd was nice on the boardwalk but I still kept my distance. My mask was in my back jeans pocket – frankly, this Delta variant ain’t no joke. (Side note: I decided not to try to shoot a band at the Stone Pony on Saturday because the crowds were just too big.)

It was good to see the AP Boardwalk populated. And music filled the air.

Boardwalk busker Andy Cahill

Another busker. I didn’t get his name but put a few bucks in his tip jar.

And the light and shadows were gorgeous.

It was a beautiful summer evening in Little Eden.

Can’t wait to go back.

Hidin’ on the backstreets….

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2021

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3 thoughts on “In The Field: A Soft Summer Night In Asbury Park

  1. Excellent photo’s, nice use of the light. I particularly like the photo of the guy playing acoustic with the backdrop of the girl behind him. I feel envious that you can just wander down to Asbury Park at any time, with my Greetings From Asbury Park mouse mat just inches away from my fingers!

    • Paul, don’t think the specialness doesn’t get by me, either. Even after all these years, Asbury Park is a special place, filled with ghosts and music and history. That’s why we call it Little Eden. Hope you can visit sometime!

      • Yes Mark, would love to come back, been there twice but look forward to a return one day. I’m very fortunate that I live only half an hour from Liverpool, another town (city) by the ocean and home of The Beatles of course. Guess we’re both lucky!

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