JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.07.21

New month.

New start.

New things to learn, to do, to shoot.

Me, I’m still working into my new life as a single person sometimes/single dad with kids other times. We’re all getting used to the new way of life, but for the most part, think it’s going as well as can be expected.

I got outside a bit this week, did some bike riding with the boys.

Listened to some buskers in Princeton.

Came across a bike (the Tornado in the photo) that I got for my First Communion back in 1978.


I’ve shot things I want to share (but had to wait), and some new stuff that I’ve done, and some interesting things on the horizon.

Summer ain’t done yet. Stay with it.

Back up that work.

Let’s get to it.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Bull Durham

What I Read This Week: I finished Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost (3 out of 5). I started Urban Cowboy. Not really digging so may bag it soon and start something new on Kindle. Still reading Eye of the Needle, paperback, and it’s great.

NY Times: The Mascot Whisperer

JC Ruiz: My Digital Workflow

Watch/Listen: Chatting The Pictures ~ Photo of an exhausted California wildfire fighter.

Aperture: Irina Rozovsky’s Majestic Photographs of Prospect Park

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Joe McNally

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