JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.21.21

Folks, we’re officially in the Dog Day of August.

It’s been high ’80s with a lot of humidity this whole week here in New Jersey. We have some overnight rain, and now we’re waiting to see what Tropical Storm/Hurricane Henri brings. Hopefully not much.

Summer is definitely starting to head to the door, though, even if it’s not over officially for another month.

Hallmark has the Halloween cards out.

Dunkin’ is promoting pumpkin spice this, and pumpkin that.

And more of the social I see are people around here saying “I CANNOT wait to pull sweaters out and have it cool off!”

Me, I’m still Ok with summer being here. With everything that’s gone on in my world these last few months, I’m happy for it to be here awhile longer (though I’d like to be turn the AC off and open the windows at night, too.)

And this week, I’m on vacation. And taking a proper vacation with the kids, too: Heading down to Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay for a few days later in the week.

I don’t mind the Dog Days. Neither does Bojangles Hawthorne, (lower left block) either.


What I Watched This Week: Season 1 Episode 2 of Miami Vice

What I Read This Week: I finished Eye of The Needle and also started and finished The Hustler. Both book-to-film reads. Enjoyed them! Now reading The Graduate and There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll.  Interesting to note: I found this book in a pile of books being thrown out…and it’s signed by Lisa Robinson, too!

What I Listened To This Week: An old Asbury Park buddy, Ron Santee, who’s since moved to LA, has a new solo album out, Wildfire Heart. Give a listen. It’s great.

Chuck Close: Dies this week. Interesting photographer/creative, but I can’t overlook the sexual harrassment allegations against him late in life.

Hiro: Yashuhiro Wakabayashi, known as Hiro, the Japanese fashion photographer with an eye for the surreal,  passed away this week as well.

Huckmag: The Grit and Glamour of New York in the 1970’s.

Hollywood Reporter: Michael Keaton on Hollywood. The read here is very interesting as I like MK’s take on Tinsel Town. But the sublime photos by Victoria Will are stellar.

Reminder via Austin Kleon: One must cultivate one’s own garden. Interestingly, there’s a link here to a video with Andre Leon Talley. Whom I’ve photographed. Sort of.

Watch: Joel Edelman on Where do creative photography ideas come from?

Have a good week, all!

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