Remembering 9/11, 20 Years Later


I post this photo every year on this day.

From the 9/11 memorial in Jersey City, New Jersey.

I shot it in 2007. Not sure I’ve been back since.

It’s almost hard to believe it’s 20 years on from that infamous day.

I was working for my first pharma company, which no longers exits now, then.

My boss had a TV in is office to keep up with daily events. I haven’t seen that boss in years. We were to get together for lunch in March 2020..and well, the pandemic stopped us and we’ve never picked up the thread again.

But back then, it was a beautiful late summer day.

He came to my office to tell me one of the towers was on fire. I went into his office to watch the live coverage.

Saw the second plane hit.

Work stopped for the day. We were glued to the TV set.

They may have let us go home early, I don’t quite remember.

Life changed forever after that. We still take our shoes off in airports because of one guy. No one complained about civil liberties being threatened when that started. The enemy was in a turban and we had to stop him!

Wearing a cloth mask now, though, to prevent the spread of a communicable disease that has killed millions…yeah.

Then, like now, everything is politicized.

But I digress…

Twenty years on. Hard to believe.

While you’re here, perhaps check out this interview I did 10 years ago with Joe McNally about his Faces of Ground Zero project.


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