Bruce Springsteen Turns 72

Bruce at The Upstage Jam 2017

I can’t let Bruce Springsteen’s 72nd birthday go by today without a post.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that my freelance photography pursuits have put me in close proximity with Bruce  on a number of occasions.

Not tack sharp, but one of my favorite photos I’ve taken of Bruce.

He’s not the greatest singer, he’s not the greatest guitar player, but he IS one of our greatest storytellers.


On the red carpet in Asbury Park, 2019

He crafts iconic characters in a few short lines, and he opens up your imagine to fill in their backstory. Aside from his Broadway show – in which he acknowledges that, before Broadway, he’s never worked a regular job in his life – his career been a blueprint for how to lead others while staying true to your course.

And to dream.

On stage with the Asbury Juke, July 2019

Will I get Bruce in front of my lens again? God willing, yes, but who knows. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

Today, I’ll spin Born To Run and Western Stars and enjoy the fruits he’s given us.

Happy birthday, Bruce!


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3 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen Turns 72

  1. Bruce has enriched my life like no other artist and like you I hope to get up close again. I do think he’s a great guitarist, I love seeing the old footage of his solo’s on Prove It All Night from the 70’s, blistering stuff. And I know what you mean about his voice but it is one that completely inhabits his songs. I’m always amazed it stands up night after night for three hours and more.

    Great photo’s thanks for sharing.

    • All great point. When I say “great guitarist”, I just mean no one is putting him in the lineup with Eddie Van Halen or Jimi. Not taking away his ax skills at all, of course. Same with his voice. We’ve all hear it change over the years, no necessarily for the bad. I like your saying it “completely inhabits his songs”. Keen assesement. As much as I live some covers of his songs (I found Brian Fallon and The Gaslight Anthem because I heard his cover of Backstreets), Bruce’s voice is a much a character in his songs as the Crazy Janey, Mary, etc. Not many can say that.

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