Diamond Notes

Matt delivers…

Chase and Matt are playing Fall baseball. Took a few weeks off after the summer season, but they are back at it.

Both are playing on two different teams: Matt is on a 8-9 year old Rec team, where he’s the best player in the league (that’s not Dad Pride talking, he just is. I should have moved him up to the 10-11 league). He’s a good teammate and the younger boys look up to him. He’s also playing on a “Rising 10 Year Old” team – boys that will be 10 in the Spring. Again, one of the best on that team. Baseball..it’s his thing.

Chase In The Windup

Chase also is playing on two teams, but both are more appropriate for his 11 year old age and experience. Last Spring’s hero on the mound, he’s continuing to do well on the bump.

Interestingly, while their coaches both call on them to pitch – sometimes to start, sometime to help their team get out of a hole (and they usually come in throwing strikes and DO get the team out of that tough inning), they really rather be in the field.

Chase loves to play shortstop or first base. And, frankly, he’s really proficient at post positions. He’s a vacuum cleaner at short, scooping up balls left and right, and, at first, catch foul pops and tough, in-the-dirt throws from his fielders.

Sometimes you even have to hold your brother on…

And Matt…well, Mat’s a catcher through and through. His happy place continues to be behind the plate. Ad he’s damn good back there.

Last weekend, Matt, after playing a double header on Saturday, played a game on his team on Sunday (the team I manage) and then was asked to play for the the visiting team in the NEXT game…the team Chase’s 11U team was facing. In the last inning, it came down to Chase on the mound and Matt at bat. How I missed getting a wide angle shot of that, I don’t know.

It was a pretty good battle, brother-against-brother. Matt ripped a foul ball, then took a couple of pitches. Finally, Chase threw him a pitch off the plate, Matt reached out for it, and grounded out weakly to second. Probably the best outcome – if a hit or a strike-out would have occurred, bragging rights would have been in full effect.

Of course, Dad blew the focus on the swing.

Ah well. Fall may be football season, but we’re a baseball bunch.

Back at this this weekend!

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