JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.13.21

I started running again this week.

Six days strong as of yesterday.

I don’t go far (about 2, 2.5 miles) and I certainly don’t go fast.

But, I’m trying to get myself into a) better shape and b) a daily habit.

Some consistency….for the sake of doing.

So, I’ve started doing the roadwork again.

A two mile or so loop that takes me from pavement to gravel to trail.

Even bought a new pair of trail running sneakers (in advance of chilly, wet, slightly icy conditions to come)

“Doing The Roadwork” is my euphemism for doing anything that gets you to a better place.

It’s the process that gets you there. And it may often not be fun or enjoyable.

This first week of running has sucked.

I have no wind (I can’t go the 2 miles without walking  a little and starting back up).

My legs huuuuuurrrrrt the first 2-3 days.

But I’m going to keep going on.

It may get me to a better place. It may just lead to more soreness.

Not sure yet.

I may quit in a week.

Trust The Process.

And The Roadwork.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road. And Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

What I’m Reading This Week: Georgia O’Keefe, A Life (in small bits, here and there)

FYI: Twitter no longer crops your images. And you can post to Instagram via your desktop

BBC: He takes amazing nature photos on his lunch break

NYTimes: Gillian Laub on How to photograph Annie Leibowitz

Cinematography: I also watched The Rain People by Francis Ford Coppola. Beautiful visuals. Trailer here.

Joe McNally: A Day In The Mud with the Nikon Z9

Listen: Peter Cohen and Bill Shapiro talk vernacular photographyVP is this (yes, I had to look it up)

Favorite Image of the Week: Via @throughthecameraeye (Saed Hindash)

Bob Gill: On Inevitability, and why art should look easy.

From the JSP Archives: A Week in Review from 2013.

“I’m trying to create little dramas that lead people to think, to feel, to dream, to fantasize, to smile… It’s more than just catching beautiful moments; I want to fascinate, to hypnotize, to move my viewers.”  ~ Richard Kalvar (November 14, 1944)

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.13.21

  1. You’ll get back to where you are running without the pain. It will just take a little time. The two years have taken a lot out of us and we’re all looking to get to a better place. If we keep pushing forward and doin’ our roadwork, we’ll get there. Some will be faster than others but we will get there.

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