Thank. Full.


Getting ready to hit the road to Northeast Pennsylvania and spend Thanksgiving, plus a few day, with my mom.

It our first major holiday since my Dad passed.

Kinda wanted it to be just us, so the kids will spend the weekend with their mom.

Death. Separation.

My 2021 has been a challenge.

Still, there’s much on my side to be thankful about.

Every morning I open my eyes I’m thankful.

The kids are doing really well in school.

Me and their mom are friendly, at least.

Chase and Matt are doing well in baseball

Olivia is a special, wonderful, fun person to be around.

My job, and the people I work with, are great.

My photography keeps humming a long.

There’s been some lousiness this year.

But much to be thankful for.

And thanks to all of you that click the link to view and read what I’m posting!

If you’re celebrating the US Thanksgiving, enjoy it. Don’t eat and drink to much.

Get some fresh air.

Take photos.

Give thanks.


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One thought on “Thank. Full.

  1. Holidays without a loved one can be difficult. Remember and celebrate the good times.

    With all the little issues that arise, we sometimes forget to see how much we have to be thankful for. We’ve had a difficult year and we’re staring at the year end with great anticipation. We will do what we can to persevere and make things better.

    Happy Thanksgiving you you and yours, Mark.

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