JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.4.21

December promise you gave unto me
December whispers of treachery
December clouds are now covering me
December songs no longer I sing

~ December, Collective Soul

There’s something about repetition.

And consistency.

I’ve been doing basically the same two-mile run (or walk) loop for the last few weeks. I can do other loops but I just like this one.

It takes me down a multi-use path by my place, and then through the woods if I want.

I’ve watched the landscape change from the the late summer to the fall to how.

You, too, can see the change if you’ve been looking at the collages these recaps start with.

Simples shots from my phone, but they allow me to archive what I’m seeing.

And I see something new, or different, everytime I follow the route.

Or, more likely, I’m seeing the same thing differently.

I’m hoping this is training my camera eye.

Maybe it is.

I recently did a portrait shoot with another photographer who’s very talented. She doesn’t shoot many portraits so she feels she learns from watching me, and I hear.

When we shared our images, she said she liked how I could find new poses and situations for the subject.

I feel like these rambles help me to see new things. Even in common, or often-seen, setting.

Maybe consistency is… good.


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week:  Started in on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service after finding it in a Little Free Library in Pennsylvania. Never read Ian Fleming/Bond before. I also started, on Kindle, What Child Is This by Rhys, Bowen, a Christmas tale set in WWII London.

What I Watched This Week: Trying to get through Get Back, the documentary about the Beatles. It’s been a chore. I’m not the biggest Beatles fan, this is a slog.

What I Also Watched: The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies on HBO. Carole King. LL Cool J. Jay-Z. Foo Fighters. The Go-Go’s. Paul McCartney. It was awesome.

From UN of Photography: Where is the Next Level of Photography? Have we seen it?

From Colossal: Jane Goodall, Photographers join forces for a print sale to protect the environment.

From Joe McNally: Cornall Dreaming

Tech: How to remove individual photos from an IG carousel

Watch: Printique talks about making B&W photos

Watch: Via Sean Tuck, the amazing dog photography of Ben Burfitt (this kinda plays into what I talked about above.)

Favorite Photo of the Week: Tie between Tony Vaccaro and  Bao Tran Trung 

Finally…Omicron. Another variant. I’m tired, we’re all tired. Please do the best you to help stop spreading the coronavirus. Get vaxxed. I’m triple jabbed now. Got my booster on Friday. I want to be able to see my mom and older relatives and friends this holiday without issue.  I want to watch live music and shoot bands with protection for myself and others. I trust the science. If you won’t get vaxxed, I don’t understand why. But at least mask up. And if that’s too much trouble, I don’t know what to tell you about you as a person. Good luck.


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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.4.21

  1. Winter: A time of change leading to the spring. A time we need to rest and get ready for the coming changes. One change I’d like to see if the end of the pandemic and I’d like to see it sooner and not later.

    Seeing new things on the familiar path is helping you improve you ability to ‘see’ small details and improve your photography.

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