JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.11.21

Know what annoys me at this time of year?

Beside the crass commercialism, of course.

When I start seeing posts on social media to Click Here To See The Top Photos of 2021!

There’s three weeks left, folks.

There’s still time to make great photos.

We’re not done here.

Three weeks left.

Get after it.

(And finish your Christmas shopping too.)


This Week’s Links:

What I’ve Been Reading This Week: I finished What Child Is This. I knew it was a short-ish story. Didn’t realize it was that short. Ended kinda abruptly too. Still working on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Started Sherlock Holmes and the 12 Days of Christmas. Another collection of festive mysteries.

What I Watched This Week: Lots of screen time this week. First, Ghostbusters: Afterlife with the kids. It was awesome. Also, The Power of The Dog and King Richard. One was pretty good, beautifully shot, will have nominations. One was ok, 35 minutes too long.

What I Listened To This Week: Debbie Millman speaks with Michael Stipe, former frontman for REM on his life, career and photography.

What I Also Listened To: Brian Fallon’s new Christmas music, Divine Night.

The Guardian: Rising Again: Forgotten Japanese Photography

NY Time Magazine: The Best Actors of 2021 (great photography here)

Art News: The MET to drop the Sackler name.

Watch: Photography questions for Dan Bailey

Watch: Adorama TV and High Contrast Portraits

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Djeneba Aduayom

Best Buy: Those Blue-Tooth enabled headphones on my above? $15 from FiveBelow. They work great!

“The essential question was always if you want to do this, can you do that?” ~  Georgia O’Keefe


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