JSP Visual ~ 12.25.21

My last  Visual Week In Review for 2021.

Man, it’s been a year.

Started out bad…and just kept at it.

There were some peaks to this year, but the valleys were pretty deep.

But, all evened out for the most part now.

I took two COVID tests this week, and thankfully, both were negative.

My kids are happy and healthy. It was great to see them on Christmas.

I also got the chance to see Mom, too. Shared our Christmas oplatki, which has always been a tradition in our house.

(Oh…in last week’s post, I said she was 81. Mom’s 82. And sent me an email to that effect.)

Let’s wind it all down, and take this week light.

And back up all that work!


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: One Police Plaza

What I Watched This Week: Breslin & Hamill: Deadline Artists (so, so good); The Alpinist (not bad, sad ending, as you may expect) ; Being The Ricardos (a big meh)

PBS: What Too Much Artificial Light Steals from Our Skies

Listen: Camille Conte’s Winter Solstice Special

The Guardian: RJ Kern documents future farmers

Pop Photo Magazine: Best Photography Books of 2021 (subjective, of course)

Photobook I Bought For Myself for Xmas: Joe McNally’s The Real Deal. Got it for 40% off on Xmas Eve. Will review it when I get it and can read it through.

Harvard Business Review: Make Yourself Immune to Second-Hand Stress

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Timothy Archibald

RIP: Robert Cummings, conceptual photographer

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual ~ 12.25.21

  1. Mark, thank you for sharing a little bit of how you see the world each week. I know it takes time and patience to continue such a task when things are trying..

    The year had been a big challenge with some nice high points but too many lows. We’ll work on improving the things we can and try to avoid all the pothole as best we can. We’ll get through these challenges. We may be tired and a bit worse for wear but we will make it through. Personally, I’ve written too many sympathy cards this year and I have at least one more to write.

    Have a happy new year and we’ll look forward to a better 2022.

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