Dispatches: Sliding Through Saturday

Chase and Matt felt the need for speed

This past week, we here in New Jersey got some snow.

Started falling on Friday evening but stopped just before morning.

Not a lot, about 3-4 inches. Maybe closer to 2 to 3 inches.

Saturday dawned cold and sunny and layered in white. Me and Matt took a walk to the local woods near me, reveled in the whiteness while following some animal tracks that appeared.

In the afternoon, we loaded up into Beauford the 4Runner and headed to the slopes.

The “slopes” are some nice sized hills that ring a local golf course.

If you have a really good run, you’ll have to stick your feet out and dig your heels in. Otherwise, you’ll head over the edge and into the pond. It  was frozen, but no solidly so.

Liv using her skateboard deck as a snowboard

I did do any riding down. But I did take the Canon 5DMIV to see what action shots I could get. I really like the one that opens this post.

But these are fun too.

Matt catches air

Love the old school sled this youngster had

Same shot, tighter crop. And B&W

Good idea here, but missed the focus on Matt. Like the negative space.


Chase, under the early moon

After a couple of hours, we were cold. And tired. And hungry. Pizza was on tap.

But on the drive how, as I tried to warm up, I remembered this past summer. One warm June night, shooting NJ musician Dan Amato on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant.

As we were finishing up our photo shoot, he wanted an orange swirl from Kohr’s Frozen Custard, a boardwalk icon.

The boardwalk sights and smells and summer laughter…and the warm air with a breeze coming off the ocean….I wouldn’t mind being back there.

Soon enough! But, till then…Let It Snow (just not to too much).

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2022

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