RIP André

Dr. Oz and André Leon Talley at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show, 2020

I woke up this morning to see a NY Times headline that André Leon Talley had passed away at 73.

I’d be surprised if you’d know who Mr. Talley is. I doubt I would except that he emceed a couple of the Blue Jacket Fashion Shows I’ve shot, the last being in February 2020, just before the world went sideways.

Mr. Talley was a big man, that wore flowing outfits. He was hard to miss in this situation, even with all the beautiful people about.

He actually reminded me of a friend I had in Philadelphia back in the 1990s. Richard Brown – Doc Brown as we called him – was a music instructor and a man of similar size. But I digress.

After the BJFS that time, though, I did some reading up on Mr. Talley. He was quite the person and innovator. I urge you read the NY Times profile on him above, or any of the other pieces written about him. Just Google his name. You’ll find a lot.

When I saw that alert come through, I dug through my files to find a couple of photos. Not the best ones ever – very soft, not sharp, I was way in the back, light was low up front, excuse excuse –  but glad I captured a few of Mr. Talley at those events. And learned more about his remarkable career later.

RIP Andre.


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