JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 1. 22. 22

Is it STILL January?

Geez…the longest month ever, it seems.

The Christmas holidays seem like they happened a millions days ago now.

But, we trudge through here in New Jersey.

The cold set in this week.

15-20 degrees around  7a.m., the time I head out on my rambles.

All the muddy, mushy trails hardened overnight, my breath came out in white plumes while hiking along.

The once-soft leaves crunch underfoot, I have to watch out for the nice.

A slip, even a near-slip, could set me back days.

At my age.

Made it through, though. Saw some nice sunrises, pretty skies.

Spent 24 hours in Philly Sunday into Monday, too.

Some snow fell Sunday night, my daughter and I venture out around Logan Square.

Took some pics with the Fuji X100T, got hit with snowballs.

Monday -MLK Day – we explored more, ate cheesesteaks.

Winter rolls on here in New Jersey. And Pa.

Keeping up with those resolutions, still?

I am.

This Week’s Links:


What I’m Reading This Week: Started Terrance McCauley’s The Wandering Man

What I Watched This Week: Pig;

The Bitter Southerner: A Conversation with William Eggleston

The Walrus: Shooting Stars: A Love Letter To The Backstage Photo

New Yorker: The Original Bambi (the book) is even bleaker than we thought.

Listen: The Camille Conte Show…CC is Stupidly Happy this week. CC is always an uplifting voice every week. Given a listen.

Jim Henson: On your life as a parent.

RIP: Steven Shapiro, photojournalist;

CNN: His Images Moved Minds.

RIP: James A. Drake, Sports Illustrated Photographer

RIP: Meat Loaf. Here’s a great short piece about his connect to Phil Rizzuto and the NY Yankees

“To tell the story, completely and instantly.” ~ Sam Falk, when asked about what he wanted to convey with his photos (January 19, 1901, –May 19, 1991). Fantastic read about Sam here.


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