Name Checked!

Author Terrence McCauley At Nat Sherman’s, 2014

It’s funny the thing that happen because of this camera that I’ve been toting around for a number of years now.

Back 2014, I got in touch with a writer who’s books I was reading, Terrence McCauley, and said I’d love to shoot portraits of him.

He and I share a love of noir and I enjoyed his writing. After a few weeks of back and forth, we set up a shoot date in NYC.

I wrote about the photoshoot here. 

I remember taking waaaaay to much gear with me. And that NYC was really hot on that day.

I made a lot of mistakes. The photos could have been better.

But, it was fun having the run Nat Sherman’s Cigar Store. Sadly, that location closed for good in 2020.

Terrence and I spent a coupe of hours together, then he and his lovely wife, Rita, took me out to dinner.

Terrence at Nat’s

We’ve kept in touch on LinkedIn and Facebook, often commenting on each other’s posts, but we’ve never gotten together again. Terrence has branched out, writing thrillers, westerns and even a World War II book.

He has a full time job, but finds time to put to his craft…to write. I admire that.

So, when I see a new book from him, I try to read it, which is what I’m doing now with his latest, The Wandering Man.

It’s a good mystery/thriller set in 1927. Very hard-boiled. Lots of twists and turns so far.

But my eyes skidded to a halt the other night, when I saw this passage:


Terrence name-checked me! How cool is that?

I had posted on my FB page a few days earlier saying I was reading it and he left a “Hope you enjoy it, pal” comment.

I pinged him the next day after seeing this, and thanked him.

“Glad you picked up on that, amigo” was his response.

It was pretty cool to see this no-so-easy Eastern European name in print.

All because, eight years ago, on hot July NYC afternoon, I pushed to do some portraits of this writer, and a friendship was born.

This places this camera takes me…..

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