JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.29.22

Here in New Jersey, in the past 24 hours, winter dropped in full force.

A nice, light coating greeted us when we awoke earlier in the week..

But last night…Old Man Winter took up quick residence.

I shot a show in Middletown, New York last time (pics to come). Took me about two hours to drive up there – all highway driving.

I had been keeping my eye on the weather since early in the day. According to the models I was looking at, it seemed like I could get up there, shoot the gig, then boogie on back to NJ before the weather really kicked in.

I was right. Almost.

I packed up at 11 pm, was on the road by 11:15 and it was just wet, light flurries. All through NY, it was kinda nice (my GPS took me through a couple of small towns on the way back – not sure why – but they were almost picturesque. I was tempted to pull over and shoot some winter wonderland.)

Good thing I didn’t. By the time I hit NJ, it was really coming down, the type of snow that flies right into your windshield. I was on the NJ Turnpike, going about 35-40 mph, less in some spots, listening to the end of the Knicks game, the more sport-talk radio.

At one point, I relaxed my hands on the steering wheel and realized they were sweaty from concentration.

I finally pulled in about 2:30 a.m. Whew.

Saved all my downloading and backing up to this morning, while my coffee was brewing. But, what with going to bed so late, I’ve been tired all day. It was a good day to hunker day, anyway. My town didn’t get hit as hard as Asbury Park, but it was enough.

Let’s hope I got some good shots last night!

Stay tuned.

Back up your work.


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: I’m still plugging through Crime & Punishment, but I may pull the plug soon. I know it’s a classic, but it’s a slog. Also, continuing with The Wandering Man.

What I Watched This Week: Hotel Transylvania 4 – Transformania, with the boys last weekend. Eh. Also started – and finished – Part one of the Season 4  finale of Ozark. Stellar.

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From The JSP Archives: January 30, 2015

“Curiosity rewards itself.” ~ Jeffery Saddoris on the Deep Natter podcast (strongly urge you to listen to this podcast.)

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