Winterscape Gallery Series ’22

Big snowstorm this weekend.

Parts of NJ got hit harder than me.

But we had enough.

This afternoon, I headed out to a peruse a used bookstore.

Camera on the seat next to me.

Glad I had it.

I passed a trailhead I often walk, and pulled into the parking lot.

The trail was still snow covered, nothing my boots couldn’t handle.

But, I wasn’t getting the look I was hoping for.

I walked down the path a little, and looked right.

There, under the canopy was what I was looking for.

I worked my way in, trying different angles, working the scene.

I liked what I saw.

Hard to believe…but I’ve been doing these Winterscape Gallery Series images since 2008.

Whew. Long time running down the line.

But, that’s fine. Cool to keep the fires burning.

Earlier in the day, around 9 a.m., I was liking the shadow play from my balcony.

Tracking shadows and light and lines.


And, in the early evening, before I went back inside to tuck into the beef stew I’d been crock-potting since early afternoon (JSP Tip: Instead of putting the potatoes in with it, keep them out and roast them. Olive oil + rosemary + cast iron skillet, 35 minutes, 400 degrees. Then put the stew over the crispy spuds. Game-changer.), I took a final ramble nearby.

Missed the sunset winter sky, but caught some I liked.

Surprised to get those starpoints on the headlights as I was only at f/6.3. But there they are.

Winterscapes, all of them.

Get out there, see what you can see.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2022

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