JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.05.22

February stars
Floating in the dark
Temporary scars
February Stars ~ Foo Fighters

ToWe are deep in the depths of winter here in New Jersey.

It was snowy earlier this week. It’s been cold. It was foggy and rainy.

In short, it’s been soup and stew weather.

And I made both this past week.

Good ones, healthy ones (remember, I started a New Year’s resolution back in November to drop a few pounds. Good news it, it’s happening, but the road is a slow slog.)

Anyway, when I listened to Camille Conte’s Winter Solstice show back in December, she noted how winter is a time of rest, of revitalization, to get ready for Spring energy.

What with New Year’s resolutions and all, many people seem to think January must be Go Go Go.

But maybe not. Maybe these winter months ARE a good time to hibernate, like a bear.

To relax the body. To read. To watch interesting films or TV or documentaries.

To look at photobooks, and plan what’s to come.

Every other weekend, I have my kids stay with me. And it feels like I always needs “do something” with them.

Which is fine. We go on hikes, or ice skating, or a trip into Philly.

But, honestly, between school, studying and other activities, they run around all week too.

To hang in and watch a movie or play Scrabble, that’s not so bad either.

So that’s what I’ll do this February.

Going to make sure to recharge, get my rest in

But start to stoke the fires for the rest of the year.

And, I’ll back up my work!


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished Terrence McCauley’s The Wandering Man, which was really good. (Amazon isn’t letting me leave a review, but if/when I can, I’ll give it 5 Stars. TM does a great job researching NYC in that time period, and the mystery had a number of twists and turns, but not so many it was annoying. A solid mystery/thrill read).

I also read James Joyce’s The Dead. Like it.

What I Watched This Week: An ’80s double-feature (while working) of Highlander and The Terminator and Peacock TV. Also finished up And Just Like That (hate watched it) and started Pam & Tommy.

Watch/Listen: How old Disney cartoon sound effects were made

Planted: Unearthly plant photos from Tom Leighton

Meeting up: Avoid meeting burnout by changing your Outlook Calendar settings (can be done on other programs, I’m sure, too).

Captured: Joe McNally Q&A on the Capture One blog.

The Guardian: 100 Picasso photos by David Duncan Douglas donated to the Musée de l’Élysée in Switzerland.

Saturday Evening Post: Rockwell on Pollack

NY Times: 50 Years after Bloody Sunday, photos by Gilles Peress

Again!: For the artist, every day is Groundhog Day, via Austin Kleon

It’s Personal: Kendrick Brinson’s personal project on A Photo Editor

The Agony: Of Defeat (and the original)

Listen: Debbie Millman talks to Obama’s White House photographer, Pete Souza

 “Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”~ Ray Bradbury

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