JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.12.22

Days are weird, aren’t they?

I woke up on Thursday, seemed like a normal day.

But, my internet was out (hence my YouTube TV).

My coffeemaker was on the fritz. (Even though it worked fine late on Wednesday).

I went out for my usual 45 minute walk, and could “see” anything to take a photo of.

Everything looked dull and drab and unphotographable.

I went to bed somewhat early that night, and had a solid 7 hour sleep.

Friday I woke up…and…all as different.

I ran out to the nearby Dunkin Donuts, grabbed two large coffees to hold me over, had a couple of cups and headed out for my walk.

EVERYTHING was different. The light was stellar, my head was clear, I listened to Debbie Millman in conversation with the poet Sarah Kay…and I rocked the rest of the day.

Was it the sleep?

The coffee?

Just a new day?

I don’t know but, man, I wish I could figure stuff like that out.

Take pics. Print them. Back up your work.

Have fun.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time and started The Ginza Ghost, a collection of short mysteries by Keikichi Ōsaka. I also started The Name Of The Rose, a book I’ve started, and stopped, about three or four times since about 1994.

What I Watched This Week: Nightmare Alley and The Tragedy of Macbeth

Colossal: Where Do Ideas Come From? (5 min watch)

Popular Photography: The Best Travel Cameras 2022

Nation Geographic: Bolivian Skateboarders in Ingenious Dress to Battle Stereotypes

Behind The Shot TV: Steve Brazill interviews my buddy, Joe McNally. More on one this soon…..

Art Streiber: Neighborhood Noir (interesting, I’ve been shooting some nighttime stuff while on my walks and someone on Twitter told me it looks like Todd Hido.

Austin Kleon: No Yelling! (I need to listen to more directive music…..not just random Amazon Soundtrack songs)

Sway Podcast: Debbie Millman on how brands hook you.

99 Percent Invisible Podcast: Office Furniture (I know this may not sound like an interesting listen, but I found it fascinating.)

Awards: Sony World Photography Award 2022 Winners

“Every great idea came out of work.” ~ Chuck Close

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.12.22

  1. If you ever figure out, you cam write a book and make a mint. When I have similar issues, I usually need to pause and see what pain I’ve been ignoring and then deal with the pain. If physical, rest and care of what hurts (and maybe some OTC meds) helps. If mental, I try to leave the problem for a few hours then try to address it in a different manner when I return. Spending an hour or two with my guitar or playing some favorite music seems to help, too. The important thing is we don’t quit. We find some path to move forward the way we want to.

    • The important thing is we don’t quit. We find some path to move forward the way we want to. Well put, David. It could be easy to wallow and pack it in. Heck, I did that myself for a few months last year. But a change of attitude is always within our grasp. Every day is a new start. It’s sounds cliche, but it’s true. Win the day, whatever that looks like for you, and the change starts to happen.

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