JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.26.22

Not much to lead with this week.

Me and the kids (and dogs) got to see my mom last weekend, which was great. I did some photos of her, with everyone, which reminds me that I’m a documentary photographer first and foremost. I’m documenting my life, their lives.

And I’ll make prints.

Also shot a couple of jobs this with, one a corporate assignment, one a creative one. Looking forward to share when I can.

And…there’s a war on. Whew. Of course, considering the aggressor, I’ve bene looing back at my 2009 trip to Russia.

Keeping everyone over in Eastern Europe in my thoughts.

You guys…get out there and take photos – of your town, your friends, your family. Document your lives. Celebrate humanity even while others are looking to destroy it.

It’s our gift.


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Didn’t get much book reading done this week, so still working on Nightmare County and The Ginza Ghost.

What I Watched This Week: Spencer. (ugh, except for the last 20 minutes) a few episodes of Snowfall, Season 1. Also, Shoot The Moon.

Slate: The Beautiful World of Zoom (no, not the Zoom call…the ’70s TV show I used to watch)

Fast Company: 11 Beautiful Coffeemakers That Time Forgot

Jimmy Craig: If Animals Could Talk

NY Times: How A Book Is Made

Related, from the JSP Archives: Tying It All Up

Fast Company: What A Russian Cyberattack on the U.S. Could Look Like

National Geographic: 150 Years of Yellowstone in photos

PetaPixel: 7 Essential Camera Accessories for 2022

New York: The East Village in the 1980s

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Bob Varettoni (@BVarPhotos on IG)

End of the month, folks back up your work!

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.26.22

  1. The most productive times don’t seem productive at the time. The benefits of time with family cannot measured in a manner a ‘bean counter’ could measure.

    The events of the past week have me remembering my teens and the news from both the battleground and the home front. And the music.

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