The Hustle

“To beat the other man. To beat him as utterly, as completely as possible: This was the deep and abiding meaning of the game of pool. And, it seemed to Eddie in that minute of thought, it was the meaning of more than the game of pool, more than the five-by-ten-foot microcosm of ambition and desire. It seemed to him as if all men must know this because it is in every meeting and every act, in the whole gigantic hustle of men’s lives.”

– Walter Tevis, The Hustler

The film is good.

The follow-up, not so bad either. Good soundtrack too.

But the book….read the book.

Thunder break.

I shot the above back on a snowy Super Bowl Sunday, kicking around Old City Philly.

Passed up on a couple of SB parties, I headed to Philly to check out some used book stores.

And wander.

Wandering…it’s good.

Fuji X100T on my shoulder.

I ducked into a pub there, to shake off the cold, and grab a beer. Or two.

Brownies Pub. 

Small. Dark. A solid bar on Sunday afternoon.

One of the first that I’d been in for almost two years.

Saw the scene above on the way to the men’s room.

Man, I could craft a whole photoshoot there.

Maybe I will… one day.

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