JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.02.22

Are you addicted to your phone…or is it just an integral part of your life at this point, no addiction required?

I pondered this over this past week because late last Monday afternoon, I was in the gym doing my workout.

I had on my stellar set of Bluetooth headphones (from Five Below) and was listing to a podcast while I worked out.

I had on a pair of long workout pants, not shorts, and they have a bit of shallow pocket. I had my phone – which is in a case and has a screen glass saver cover on it – in that pocket. As I laid back to do a set of dumbbell chest presses, the phone dropped out of my pocket onto the carpet, a fall of about perhaps 2 feet…maybe less.

I didn’t think much of it – again, it’s in a phone wallet, with a screen protector – and my podcast kept playing. It was even a few minutes before I checked the phone.

And when I did, I noticed that that there was a crack in the glass in the lower right corner. I tried to swipe the screen to open it, and it was black. But my podcast kept playing so I knew the machine still worked – I just couldn’t access it anymore. It kept buzzing when text messages came in, too. So, still working.

But, for the next two and a half days, I couldn’t use my phone for anything, the least of which is making a call at this point.

I couldn’t use the camera.

I couldn’t check social media.

I couldn’t answer text messages (and, because I coach three teams, there are three separate coaches text chains that I’m on).

I couldn’t get or answer text messages from my ex that may be about my kids.

I couldn’t access my podcasts that I LOVE to listen to while on my daily walks.

I couldn’t access my work or my personal emails.

My whole life based on this little machine in my pocket.

Am I addicted to it?

Yeah, I guess.

But am I addicted, then, to my truck, because I depend on it?

Or are our phones – again, the last thing I use it for is to actually make a phone call – just a thing many of us depend on for and in various aspects of our life?

Are these good things or bad things?

Interestingly, when I couldn’t use my phone to take photos on my rambles, as I call them on my socials, I took my Fuji XT3 with me. And it was kinda fun to use this camera to record little scenes I see.

I like this camera. I keep thinking about putting it up for sale, but I think I’ll keep it. Especially with the 15-45 lens on it – it’s small, light, quick, and I can create with it.

Anyway, just some things I’ve thought about while on my said rambles.

Be interested in what you think. Hit the comments!


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“Light. Timing. Composition.” ~ Dan Milnor

Really…what else is there?

Go lightly into this good week.

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.02.22

  1. The smart phone name is a misnomer. It’s not a phone. It is a telephone, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), an information center, an entertainment center, a still and movie camera, a game console and much more. It has surpassed what Jobs envisioned as the Newton. Your screen problem only shows how many functions you depend upon were suddenly, simultaneously lost. You’re like the businessman of decades ago that suddenly lost his secretary, his telephone, and had a power failure that shut down his newspaper delivery and the radio carrying news, the afternoon ballgame, and Jack Benny at night. You’re suddenly out of touch with everything. (This is beginning to seem like a Twilight Zone episode.)

    You don’t have to become a Luddite. You have received a wake up call (sorry for the pun) and can plan on how to deal with the next time your wonder device isn’t being so wonderful. You’re not alone. Many people are much more dependent on their device than you are on your phone and are less prepared. So, enjoy using your device and have a plan for the next time the technology has a problem.

    • Yes! You’re absolutely right, David! It is pretty amazing what that little computer in our pocket can do, and we all pretty much take it for granted. I “Facetime” my kids rather than just call them. Remember, on the Jetsons, when they’d call someone, they’d talk to them on a screen. It’s here. Dick Tracy’s watch (wow, I’m really dating myself now). It’s here. You’re correct though – I need a backup!

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