JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.09.22

I got a library card this week!

And I didn’t even realize it was National Library Week!

Yes, exciting stuff from the older guy. But after, literally, months of trying, I finally got a card from my local library branch.

And, whew, it seems like an arduous task! Honestly, took me three tries!

I first walked last Fall, after I had been in my new place for a few months.

The kinda-cranky lady told me I needed to bring in a bill to confirm my local address.

Really? Out-of-towners are breaking down the doors to get a library card here?

So, the next time my phone bill came in – I put it in my truck, with the intent to get back sooner rather than later.

Then Omnicrom hit and the library went back to being pick-up only.

Well, weeks passed. Finally, one snowy Saturday, I walked in just before noon.

“No, no, can’t do it now!” Another cranky lady said to me. “We’re closing in 5 minutes because of the weather! And you have to have a mask on in here!” (it was in my pocket)

So, finally, mid-week this week, I got done with my work early, and had a few errands to run – small grocery store run, oil change…and I thought I’d get the library card.

Almost didn’t happen. Remember that bill I put in my truck months ago? A not-so-cranky lady told me she needed a more recent one to start the process. Said they have to track it for tax purposes.


She took pity on my, filled out my paperwork, and I’m the proud bearer of a library card.

The first two books I picked up: Lighting Striking: Ten Transformational Moments in Rock & Roll and Fun City Cinema: New York City and the Movies that Made It

Libraries are always magical places of adventure to me. When I was kid – and this is legend in our family now – in the summer, my dad would only take us to the library on Monday evenings IF it was raining.

Looking back, I don’t know why we had these stipulations. Then again, now that I’m older and a dad myself, I can image Vince was just tired from a long day and didn’t really feel like driving the 20 minutes to the Hoyt Library, then waiting an hour while his kids looked at every book in the place only to come back with a pile.

I’ll chalk it up to that.

But, if you’re a reader, going to a library is stellar. Free books! Don’t have to pay! Topics on topics to look into!

It’s been so long since I’ve been in a library, I got that old familiar thrill when I started perusing the stacks.

Looking forward to making good use of this hard-to-get (at least for me) card!


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Finished Peyton Place, started A Confederacy of Dunces

What I Watched: Slow Horses (solid, steady, spy drama) and The Outlaws (Walken is awesome here)

NY Times: The Brilliance of Charo (photos by Rosie Marks so…)

i-d Vice: Rosie Marks is the Vivian Maher of the iPhone Age

Architectural Photography Digest: 2021 Project of the Year 

No Film School: Stanley Kubrick’s original treatment for The Shining

Entertainment Weekly: What Michael Mann Brought To Tokyo Vice

Dumpster Diving: He Found Art In A Dumpster. It’s Worth Millions.

Listen: Photography Daily, a podcast (new to me) from Neale James that I’m enjoying.

LinkedIn: What Julia Child Can Teach Us About Second Acts

DIY Photography: Trump Publishes Book. Undercuts Former White House Photographer. Of course he did. I’d expect nothing less. Tool.

RIP: Teen Idol & South Philly native Bobby Rydell (In the movie Grease, the kids went to Rydell High)

RIP: Photographer Jerry Uelsmann

Favorite Photo of the Week: via Bill Frakes

“The camera basically is a license to explore.” ~ Jerry Uelsmann

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