JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.30.22

Things are finally starting to “green up” here in New Jersey. We’ve had some warmer days and evenings, some rain to swell up the creeks and streams.

I’m still walking my same 2.5 mile route every morning, so it’s been nice to see the buds on the trees start to pop and more deer keep me company. Think I saw 10 one morning.

Creatively…I’m listless. I’m doing my daily pics along these rambles but just not feeling motivated to get out there, or even try to get work. Good thing it doesn’t pay my bills!

I have started taking my camera to Chase and Matt’s ballgames. Playing around with different settings for sports photography.

Started shooting some of the other boys on the team, and sending image files to their moms. I love their reactions when they get back to me.

Nothing wrong with shooting iPhone photos, but when you can a closely cropped image from a Canon 70-200 lens…well, that just hits different, as the kids say.

Made some prints, too. And took them to the ballfield to give to the parents.

Now THAT is a reaction I love to see, and more than any “likes” on Instagram. They will have those prints for years to come.

So there’s that.

Gotta keep after it.

You and me both.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: While I’m still working on Cleopatra’s Dagger, I picked up an old copy of The Sun Also Rises, which  I haven’t read since the fall of 1992 for one of my college English classes. I know this because I put the date I read it on the inside front cover. I also underlined capaciously, with a red felt-tipped marker. Interesting to see what caught my eye.

I also started Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, a book I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. Making me miss him even more.

What I Watched This Week: Gaslit, on Starz

Joe McNally Blog: Hard Light Fast Lens

Video: Portrait Photography with Daniel Norton

Create: Drawings made with typewriter characters

UN Of Photography: David Butow talks about what photography means to him

The New Yorker: James Thurber on the Empire State Building in 1931

More ESB: My favorite photo of it, shot in 2008. (I should make a print of this)

LA Times: The Glamour and Underbelly of the Hippest Party in 1960s LA

Neil Peart: On Happiness 

Favorite Photo Of The Week: Via @sallydaviesphoto

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