In The Field: Baseball in Color

Chase Putting One Into The Gap

Aside from my daily rambles that provide photo fodder for many of the photos that you see in my Visual Week In Review posts, I haven’t been shooting much.

But, on thing I have been shooting is baseball. Trying to get better with the action shots.

I recently posted about Baseball In The Shadows. At a game in April, my boys were at another local field where some of the colors really jumped out at me.

I wasn’t coaching, so I was able to put the Canon 5DM4 to work, with the 70-200.

Matt Got To Play On His Brothers Team This Night

I often use the fence as framing elements

Homerun trot. Sent this to his mom, she loved it.

Beautiful Evening Light Here

And some detail shots, too.

And even though I liked the colors at this field, had to do a few B&W, too.


Of course, I had to make prints. I had them lying in my living room and Chase picked them up. He’s used to seeing some of my prints, but like many, if not nall,11 year olds today, he sees most visuals on a screen. When he picked up these prints, he literally poured over these photos for 15 minutes, loving how they looked on paper.

The catcher, and #10 here, playing on the other team, are the sons of a guy I coach with on one of Matt’s teams. I gave him these prints. To say he and his wife were ecstatic is an understatement.

People love prints. Make prints, people.

I’ll keep brining my kit to the field, shooting when I can, if I’m not coaching. Heck, I even shoot when I do coach sometimes. Gotta keep the eye sharp. Always looking for the color and the light and the timing and the composition.

Hoping to hit on at least a couple of those every time I go out!

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