JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.04.22

Here are.

We made it to June.

So much good going on.

Kids are happy school is almost ending (though parents may feel otherwise).

They are outside playing baseball, lacrosse, soccer, MMA and doing dance recitals (as least according to my Facebook page).

They are jumping in pools for early-season swims.

And yet…more mass shootings this week in the United States.

I cry for our America.

Something needs to be done.


In other, more uplifting news…my boys are almost done with their baseball seasons but the playoffs loom. My daughter will be joining the high school marching band…which may take more time, for her mom and me, than even baseball does. But, if she wants to do it, she’ll do it and she’ll be great at it…like with most things she does.

Oh, and I’ve done a couple of shoots recently. I’ll share when I get the greenlight, but they were a) interesting 2) fun 3)  one, different, for me.

And it is June.

These next three months are my three of four favorite months of the year.

Let’s see where we go in these next 90 days!


What I Read This Week: Still working on everything from last week. Oh, wait…I didn’t post anything. Ok, I have a few going: Still Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises; The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffman; Jimmy Chin’s There And Back: Photographs From The Edge; Flash: The Making of Weegee The Famous by Christopher Bonanos. I know, too many. Not making much headway on any of them.

What I Watched This Week: Baseball. Lots of it.

Chase Jarvis: It’s June. Get Going On That Thing

NY Times: Trying To Contain William Klein…Isn’t Easy

Kicks: Is Dorothea Lange wearing cool Converse sneakers in this photo? If so, I want some!

Listen: On Deep Natter this week, Jeffrey and Sean talk about turning down the bully boss.

Watch/Listen: In Public: Street Photography. Here, Steve Brazill interviews street photographer George Shaub. Youtube link here, but you can listen on any major podcast platform.

Design: Summer of Campari (I’m a big fan of this aperitive, both in advertising and in my scotch or gin)

“The opportunity is to do work that matters for people who care.” ~ Seth Godin ( I can’t remember which podcast I heard him say this, but it’s good.

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