JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.11.22


Here’s a hymn to welcome in the day
Heralding a summer’s early sway
And all the bulbs all comin’ in
To begin
~ June Hymn,
The Decemberists


June’s coming in hot, isn’t it?

We all have stuff going on.

We’re all still trying to unpack what’s been happening in the world.

We’re all paying high rates for gas. (And, no, it’s not Biden’s fault. If you read world newspapers, you’ll see this across the board. Blame that dictator in Russia, and the war.)

Anway…one more game to regular baseball season. Chase is playing in the Championship on Tuesday. And then All Stars

Matt… with a sore elbow…is heading into his travel playoffs and then All Stars.

Olivia is finishing up a Straight A school year.

And I have projects percolating!

Here’s to June.


What I’m Reading This Week: Ugh, slow going turning pages. Still moving on all the things I’ve been reading. Just haven’t been making much progress. Too tired to read much.

What I Watched This Week: Adam Sandler in Hustle. I’m not a big fan of most of AS’s movies. I do love Spanglish. And I do love this this one. Give it a watch.

UN of Photography: It’s Time In Photography For New Reference Points

NY Times Music: You Don’t Become Lou Reed Overnight.

Lighting: Creating Soft Light, with Emily Teague


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