JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.18.22

Hey all!

We’re at mid-June! How’s everyone doing?

Keeping is short and sweet today. Just back from a Father’s Day meal with my kids my local diner.

What did I have you ask?

I went with the grilled chicken BLT wrap with pickles inside, some only-ok diner fries and some great diner cole slaw). Frankly, they had to many tasty options and I went kinda basic but they did put it under the panini press to amp it up a little.

My type of Father’s Day lunch!

Baseball is winding down. Regular seasons ended last weekend, but my boys start their All-Star Tournament games this week. Both their teams look pretty good so we’ll see.

I had new work drop this week that I can finally talk about. Post about the work coming up this week, I promise!


What I Read This Week: The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffman;

What I Watched This Week: Top Gun, with my son Chase. He, at 12, was Meh. Even I was thinking it wasn’t as good as I remembered. Still want to see Maverick though.

Watch: Dan Milnor’s Albania Journal

Sean Tucker: Are you the best judge of your photography?

Behind The Scenes TV Episode: Posing tips with Vanessa Joy

FT Magazine: Baseball Parks and All-Day Breakfast: Jim Dow photographs 1970’s America

Western Horseman: Buccarooing On the MC

RIP: Kurt Markus

“I consider it a gift to have found photography and made my life in it. I never thought of it as a job. I’ve always associated the click of the shutter with the word “Yes”.’” ~ Kurt Markus

And, on this Father’s Day, linking to my post last year about the specialness of my dad’s pocketknife, and why it’s special to me. Please give it a read.

Here’s me and my crew – save for Bojangles and Quinn who were snoozing nearby and couldn’t be bothered. A Father’s Day Family Portrait!

Father’s Day 2022

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