JSP Visual Week In Review ~ -6.25.22

Another dark week in the history of America.

As we head into our Fourth of July weekend, which is supposed to celebrate freedom and independence.

Instead, we’ve turned the calendar back to the 1940s.

As I read online this week….”The world is laughing at us.”

*smh* as the kids say.

(Shake my head).



This Week’s Links:

What I Read this Week: Finally finished The Book of Magic

What I Watched This Week: Couple of episodes of Umbrella Academy 3.

UN of Photography: 10 Photographic Myths Dispelled

Summer Plans: Visit A Local Library (which reminds me, I have books due today).

Dan Milnor: For What It’s Worth, Episode 63. Uncle Dano is always a good listen.

NY Times: Tom Hanks Explains it all

PS: National Camera Day is coming up on Thursday. Drop me a link to some good pics you take on that day!

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ -6.25.22

  1. It was not a good week and this week is not showing any signs of things improving. All of us need to do what we can to improve things whether it be through out photography, other arts, writing, calling others demanding action, or going out and trying to make a difference for the better. We can’t get there overnight but we can start moving in the right direction.

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