JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.09.33


What a week.

I was on vacation – staycation this week. I like to take the days after the 4th off. Roll the long weekend into a longer week off.

But I don’t know where it went, and so quickly!

I had plans to do this and that, get photos sent out that I had printed. My kids were with me from Thursday to Tuesday, our newish summer custody schedule. I almost wasn’t used to having people around me for so many days in a row, but we had a good time. Even took in a Trenton Thunder game – all three kids got foul balls and then signatures after the game. It’s minor league baseball but it’s a really nice experience.

Anyway…the week flew by. I never sent the photos out until this morning! I expected to shoot Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes last Saturday, but they canceled it around 2 pm due to an impending storm.

Which never came. It was a beautiful evening.

Then, during the week, I prepped for another photoshoot on Thursday. Can’t wait to show you those and give the backstory.

Now, getting ready to leave for Asbury Park in couple of hours for a second shoot with musician Bob Geiger. Not action… he and his band have a new album coming out so looking for cover concepts and other marketing shots.

But with all that going on, it still seems like I got nothing really done!

The best part about the week was not having to check work email…well, too much. I did a little.

I guess I did. I spent some time good times with my kids…going to the ballgame, playing Scrabble, taking my daughter to Target…making them a chicken parm dinner, as requested by Chase.

My dogs, Bo and Quinn, were with me for those days, so it was fun to walk them again, and watch them romp in a field near my apartment.

Little things, but good things.

Aside from all that…

More gun violence this week. Another mass shooting, this time outside one of my favorite cities,  Chicago. Former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assassinated. He was PM when I went on my trips to Japan, I kinda always followed his career.

Keep your family close. Pet your dogs and cats as much as you can.

Pet your fish if you want.

Because, geez.

Be a nice human, I guess.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished The Hottest State by Ethan Hawk. Also picked up his latest, A Bright Ray Of Darkness, from the library.

What I Watched This Week: Mostly just baseball.

What I Cooked This Week: After watching The Bear, I wanted to cook. Made pulled pork in my crock pot, and my own BBQ sauce; a chickpea and lentil curry, and, as noted above, chicken parm. (Please note: I followed none of these recipes. I’ve been cooking long enough, unless it’s something totally new, I go by my taste and my feel. Links are just to show an approximation…and recipes if you want to try it for yourself!)

Joe McNally: Keys To The Kingdom

PopSci: The Land of Lost Fireflies…in New Jersey

CultureType: The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery features Brian Lanker’s photographs of remarkable Black women.

The Guardian: British photojournalism

Outside Magazine: The Story Behind These Whimsical Roadside Signs

Favorite pic of the week: A double exposure from my friend Connie.

RIP: James Caan. Legend.

RIP: Tony Sirico. Maybe not a legend, but a damn fine actor.


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